Gardens on the Rio Grande

Homeowners Association

Welcome to the Gardens on the Rio Grande!

 The Gardens on the Rio Grande Homeowners Association (HOA) welcomes you to our neighborhood.   This letter provides a brief overview of the neighborhood and the HOA.

 The purpose of the HOA is to promote the community, preserve architectural integrity and maintain common properties, and thereby protect property values.

 The HOA website address is:

 Gardens Homeowners Association - Background

 The Gardens was established in 1999 and is governed by three documents:

Declaration of Restrictions, Covenants and Conditions (RCCs) for the Gardens on the Rio Grande Subdivision establishes the regulations for each of the properties in the community and the rights and responsibilities of the owners

Articles of Incorporation of the Garden’s HOA formally establishes the HOA and defines the HOA’s basic structure and areas of responsibility

Bylaws of the Garden’s HOA establishes the procedure for carrying out the operational responsibilities of the HOA

 A 5-member Board of Directors (BOD) is elected by the community to oversee the daily functions and financial responsibilities of the Association. Board members are elected for 2-year terms with either 2 or 3 being positions up for election every year at the annual membership meeting, which is held in the first quarter of the year.  The BOD meets the second Monday of every month at 6:00 pm at a resident’s home. Agendas are sent out one week before each BOD meeting and members are encouraged to attend.  Time is always set aside for resident input. Minutes of the meeting are sent by e-mail to residents within a week of the BOD meeting and are also available on the Gardens web page.

 If you did not receive a copy of the RCCs, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, the documents can be downloaded from the Garden’s web page.  A Neighborhood Roster is maintained, updated and distributed via email by the HOA Secretary.


Homeowner association dues in the amount of $75.00 per month are due the first of every month and should be mailed to:      

The Gardens Homeowners Association
2647 Aloysia Lane NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104

As a courtesy, an e-mail invoice will be sent quarterly as a reminder of payment due for the next quarter. 

Most residents pay by the upcoming quarter.   The homeowner is responsible for the dues payment.

Payment not received by the 15th of the month due shall incur late fees of $25.00 per month for each month delinquent


Any remodeling, additions, alterations or improvements to the outside of your home or other improvements that will affect the outside appearance of your property must be approved by the BOD.  The form for architectural approval is available on the Gardens’ website under HOA Resident Forms.


We love dogs.  We abide by the City leash laws and keep our pets on a leash while walking the neighborhood or common areas. Please bring bags along on your walks to keep all areas clear of pet waste.   Cleaning up is the responsibility of the pet owner.


Albuquerque Solid Waste Management Department provides 2 types of services: garbage collection and recycling.  Pick-up is every Thursday.  To initiate residential trash collection, call the Solid Waste Management Department at (505) 761-8100 or submit the on-line form, available at and an account will be established for your residence. The City will then mail you a packet of information describing their services in detail. 


Our common areas are open to all paid members for their family use and enjoyment.  The care and maintenance of the common areas is done by a landscaping company. A resident volunteer  supervises the landscaping and maintenance.  If you are planning to use one of the common areas for a party or other event, you are required to submit a reservation request to the board, to confirm that it is available and that arrangements are in place to ensure the success of your event (sprinklers shut off, no maintenance is scheduled, etc.).  The form can be downloaded from the Gardens’ web site website under HOA Resident Forms.

The gates are kept closed at all times.  Both the Mountain Road and the Manhattan Road vehicle gates are opened with a card, clicker, or key code.  Under the Documents and Forms tab at the top of this page you will find a button called Instructions for the Gates. Please read the instructions so your packages and deliveries will be sure to arrive safely at your destination.  

 Residents may request guest access.  All requests go through the volunteer gatekeeper, Jeff Hanson (email: or leave a message on his phone: 440-3323). You will be given a temporary code for your guests.   

Please contact the gatekeeper for the following issues:

  • If you need additional cards ($5) or clickers ($35)
  • If you want a resident specific code that will allow you to open the Mountain Road Gate by way of the keypad
  • When you need a temporary code assigned for a realtor, guests or workers
  • Any issues with the gates, e.g., stuck open, damaged, etc.
  • With your phone number and how you want to be listed in the directory at the Mountain Gate

When you are listed in the directory, your name will be associated with an entry code that is programmed to your phone. Any visitors will then dial that entry code on the keypad. The gate will then call your phone, and when you answer the visitor identifies themselves via the speaker.  You can open the gate to let them in by pressing 9 on your phone.  You will hear a fax tone after you press 9 and this signifies that the gate is opening.  This can only be done at the Mountain gate, as there is no keypad at the Manhattan gate.

Homeowners wishing to program their gate code into their vehicle should consult their owner’s manual or work with their vehicle maintenance professional. You may also visit for assistance in vehicle programming.  Type your paragraph here.